Protecting The Rubber Hoses In Your Vehicle From Premature Wear


If you own a vehicle, you most likely have a routine in place for the maintenance of the main components that help it run properly. One portion of the vehicle that some people overlook is the maintenance of any rubber hoses used to transfer liquid or air to other parts of the machine. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure hoses used within your vehicle last for as long as possible.

Do Routine Checks To Evaluate The Condition Of Hoses

It is a good idea to take a look at the hoses under your hood and beneath your vehicle when you do routine changing or fill-ups of the liquids needed to help it run. Do this at a time when the vehicle has not been used for several hours so the hoses are not hot to the touch. Simply run your fingers along any hoses you see while feeling them for any soft areas, bulging portions, or cracks. If you find a spot that is questionable, ask your auto repair shop to take a look at the specific hose in more detail so it can be replaced if necessary.

Keep Your Vehicle In A Protected Area To Minimize Wear

Most hoses in a vehicle are made of rubber, making them susceptible to cracking if they get too dry. It is a good idea to place your vehicle in a spot where the air is not excessively dry so the hoses do not deteriorate too quickly. Place your vehicle in a spot where it is not prone to being invaded by rodents or insects so they do not cause havoc to the hoses or any other parts in your vehicle. If possible, keep your vehicle in a garage with ample airflow to keep hoses safe from invaders and drying.

Clean Hoses As Part Of Your Maintenance Regimen

It is a good idea to clean the components under the hood if they become covered in oil or grease. First, use a commercial automotive degreaser to help in removing any dried on liquid from the parts under your hood. A pressure washer can be used to rinse your hoses after the degreaser is applied. Afterward, use a protectant to aid in keeping your hoses safe from future liquid spills. A degreaser and protectant can each be purchased from a local auto supplies store. 

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5 January 2017

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