Dealing With An Old Junk Car And Saving Or Making Money On Cleaning Up The Mess


Having an old junk car around your property is something that may give you a mess to deal with. In the past, the common solution was to just have an old car hauled off. Paying for someone to remove a car is costly. Instead of paying to have the junk car removed, you can make money with your old car. Here are some tips to help turn a junk car removal project into extra cash for your bank account:

14 March 2017

Protecting The Rubber Hoses In Your Vehicle From Premature Wear


If you own a vehicle, you most likely have a routine in place for the maintenance of the main components that help it run properly. One portion of the vehicle that some people overlook is the maintenance of any rubber hoses used to transfer liquid or air to other parts of the machine. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure hoses used within your vehicle last for as long as possible.

5 January 2017