4 Ways To Increase Your Sales Of Auto Parts Online In 2016


If your business sells auto parts online, but your sales were not where you wanted them to be in 2015, now is the year to make some changes. Here are four ways to increase the sale of auto parts through your business online in 2016. 

#1 Send A Monthly Newsletter To Your Clients

The first thing you need to do is reach out to your clients on a regular basis. If you are currently not sending a newsletter out to your clients at all, start by sending out at least a monthly newsletter to your client email list. If you are already sending out monthly newsletters, try sending out bi-weekly letters this year.

Newsletters are a great way to connect with clients that you already have and remind them of the savings and the quality that your business offers. It is a great way to keep your business in front of customers and it is a great way to share information in a timely manner.

Your newsletter should include any sales or promotions that you are currently running. It should also include tips and advice about how to do different repair jobs. Providing your clients with quality repair information may increase the chance that they do their own repairs and use your products to do so. 

#2 Run A Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaign

If you are not currently running any advertising campaigns online, you need to hire a company to run a pay-per-click advertisement for you online. A properly run pay-per-click campaign will place advertisements on websites that potential customers are likely to be on. 

Make sure that you hire an advertising company that understands how the auto industry works. Different brands of vehicles attract really different client bases, and you need to hire a company that understands the nuances of auto parts shoppers. 

#3 Improve Your Website

In order to entice sales, you need to have a clean website that people trust when they visit. Hire a web designer to make your auto parts website friendly for mobile and table users, as well as computer users.

Make it easy for people to check out. Make sure that your website has a cart where customers can view the auto parts they have selected so far, and allow customers to either check out as a guest or through their accounts. 

Accept all major debit and credit cards, and consider accepting online alternative payment methods as well. 

Make sure that all your pages are tagged with the correct keywords and that all your products include unique and useful descriptions. 

Upgrading your website and making it more smooth and efficient will make it easier for your customer to use your website. 

#3 List Your Products On Other Websites

Another way to increase your online sales is by listing your auto products on other websites. You don't just have to make money from your website. Use one of the major Internet relators that has large brand name recognition and trust will help you expand your customer base. 

Your overall goal is to increase your sales, and selling through a retailer that has larger built-in audience is a great way to do this. 

If you follow all four of the tips above, you should be able to increase your online sales of auto parts in 2016. 


20 January 2016

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