Choosing The Right Tools To Have In Your Tool Box Or Shop


If you use tools for a living, having the right tool for the job is crucial and can make the job easier. A tool like a 1-inch electric impact gun is handy when working with large fasteners that have a lot of torque and are challenging to remove. 

Impact Guns

An impact gun is an essential tool for anyone working with fasteners that are rusted, stuck, or have a lot of torque on them. The impact gun does not apply direct pressure to the fasteners but will produce repeated strikes against the bolt or nut in rapid succession to try and break it loose.

Traditionally, impact guns use air to drive them, but tool manufacturers have started making electric impact guns in varying sizes. A 1-inch electric impact gun that is cordless and uses a large battery to power it can be versatile for anyone needing a tool they can take into the field with them. 

Modern electric motor technology allows tool manufacturers to make electric impact guns that develop as much power as air impact guns. The flexibility these impact guns offer makes them an excellent fit for truck mechanics, tire services, or tow services to carry with them as they respond to breakdowns in the field.

Choosing An Impact Gun

When choosing an impact gun for your situation, it is essential to look for one that offers the torque and power you need for the work you are doing. However, battery-operated 1-inch electric impact guns may not last as long as their smaller siblings, so you may want to consider some additional batteries to go with the tool. 

If you are working in the shop or have a power source in the field, you can use a corded impact gun, but you will need to drag the extension cord around with you, and in some situations, they can pose a problem. If you are able to use a corded tool, you have the advantage of not having to deal with batteries, and the impact gun may have more torque, but if the cord is a trip hazard, it may not be the best solution for your shop.

If you are using your impact guns all day long, you can add additional batteries and get a rapid charging station that allows you to charge batteries quickly, so you always have one ready. There are many brands that offer higher-capacity batteries that you can buy for your 1-inch electric impact gun if necessary. However, the batteries can be pricey, so take some time to consider how you will use the tool to maximize the benefit you get from it. 


18 November 2022

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