What You Need To Know When Replacing The Batteries In Your Boat


Boat batteries look like car batteries on the outside but are constructed specifically to withstand the marine environment and the abuse of a boat bouncing around on the water. Using the proper replacement boat batteries for your make and model of boat or watercraft is essential, and while they are more expensive, they will perform better in your boat.

Sealed Batteries

Installing boat batteries that will be in the hull of the craft requires some special care. If the batteries do not fit properly or are not sealed to keep the acid in and the water out, you could be dealing with damage to the battery compartment if a leak occurs. 

For wood or fiberglass boats, a leaking battery could be a significant issue because the acid could deteriorate the material over time. Nearly all boat batteries have some level of sealing to ensure they do not leak into the water or the boat, and gel cell batteries go even further by using a gel instead of water inside the cells that will stay inside the case if it is damaged. 

Finding the right boat batteries is critical, so talking to a marine battery supply is a good place to start. These suppliers will often have every kind of marine battery available, and they can help you select the best option for your situation.

Deep Cycle Marine Batteries

There are several ways you can use marine batteries on your boat, and many times deep-cycle marine batteries are included on a craft that will be away from shore for extended periods. The design of these batteries allows charging, depletion, and recharging without damage. 

The cycling allows boat owners to charge the batteries at the dock and then use them to power things like lights, sonar, radios, and other navigation instruments. In some cases, the boat batteries also run pumps and other items on the craft, and when you use several batteries in series, they can last a long time, and you can recharge them when back at the dock. 

Starting Batteries

Marine or boat batteries intended to start your engine act like the battery in your vehicle. They are marine-rated and provide a surge of power to spin the starter motor when you need to run your engine, but are not designed to power things that will draw a lot of electricity over time. Often replacing your boat batteries is not limited to one battery, and you may need to take the starting batteries and your deep cycle cells to the marine battery supply so you can get new ones for both jobs. 

Larger boats often use more batteries, but if you select the right ones for your needs, they can last a few seasons with proper maintenance and care. For more information on boat batteries, contact a professional near you.


13 March 2023

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