3 Things To Have In Your Scrap Metal Tool Kit


There are a lot of things that get thrown out in the trash, but if they are made of metal, they can be recycled for cash. To be able to collect metals and safely sort them, you will want to have a kit of the right tools. This should include basic safety gear, such as boots, gloves and glasses. You will also want to have basic tools for taking things apart and a couple of items to test metal. Here are the top five items you want to have in your scrapping tool kit:

1. The Basic Safety Equipment For Collecting Scrap

When you are going through scrap metal, you want to have all the right safety equipment. You will need to have well-fitting clothes to protect you from scratches and scrapes. Boots and gloves are also important when working with heavy items and metal. For gloves, it is a good idea to invest in a couple of pairs of good leather work gloves. In addition, get a pair of good safety glasses to protect your eyes. Today, safety glasses can even be stylish sunglasses to protect you from the bright sun when collecting scrap outdoors.

2. All The Tools You Need To Tear Things Apart

There are also a lot of things that you may want to tear apart when looking for scrap metal. It is a good idea to have things like screw drivers and a good socket set to dismantle items. You may also want to have a pair of tin-snips for cutting metals and breaking down scrap. A small sledge-hammer and a pry-bar can be good tools for getting stubborn parts loose when sorting through your metal scraps.

3. Simple Metal Testing Kits

When sorting through metal scrap, you will also want to know what type of materials you have. Simple testing tools can help you organize metals and get the most for your efforts. A magnet can help tell ferrous and non-ferrous metals apart. You may also want to have a gold testing kit if you plan on selling precious metals. If recycling is something that you do often, a handheld metal detector and tester may be a good investment for your tool kit.

These are three things that you will want to have in your recycling tool kit.  If you are ready to start selling your scrap, contact a salvage yard like Teddy Bears Auto Parts & Salvage Inc to get help scrapping car parts and other materials for cash.    


25 January 2016

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