5 Auto Parts You Should Definitely Recycle After Using


You can make yourself a more environmentally friendly motorist if you put some time and effort into learning which pars of your vehicle can be recycled when they are no longer usable.Eventually, auto parts will become so worn that they will no longer function properly on your vehicle and need to be discarded. However, this doesn't mean that they can't be used for another purpose elsewhere.The following are five important automobile components that you can keep out of landfills by recycling:


Old automobile tires can be recycled to create many different useful items. It's especially important to recycle tires because they don't biodegrade and indefinitely take up space in a landfill if they are discarded. The rubber in tires can be reused to create toys, astroturf, construction materials, and more. Used tires can be reused without even being reprocessed if they are used to create household items like tire swings or landscaping features. 

Glass parts

Unfortunately, unusable auto glass parts like broken windshields and windows often get disposed of in landfills. Throwing glass components in a landfill is especially harmful to the environment because glass takes a long time to biodegrade. Auto glass can be recycled and repurposed for use in floor tile, counter tops, drinking glasses, and much more. 

Oil and oil filters

Any motorist knows how important regular oil changes are for maintaining the condition of their vehicles. When you get an oil change, the process produces waste oil and oil filters. Used motor oil can be recycled and then re-refined for use as lubricating oil for a variety of purposes. Used oil filters can be reprocessed and used to create various steel products. 


It's important that used car batteries are properly disposed of after use because batteries contain toxic materials like lead. If batteries are disposed of in a landfill, these toxic materials could leak into the water supply and create health hazards. Used car batteries can be recycled so that the materials that make them up can be reused in the manufacture of new car batteries.

Scrap metal

It might surprise you to learn that there is a huge market for scrap metal. Metal parts of your vehicle like fenders, bumpers, doors, and handles can be recycled and in some cases even turned in for cash. If your car experiences an accident and needs body work including the installation of new metal components, you probably have some scrap metal to recycle. Make sure you're taking advantage of these recyclable materials. You might be able to get some cash for them if you take them to a scrap yard that has a use for them.  Contact a business, such as Hardys Auto Parts LLC for more information. 


27 January 2016

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