Dealing With An Old Junk Car And Saving Or Making Money On Cleaning Up The Mess


Having an old junk car around your property is something that may give you a mess to deal with. In the past, the common solution was to just have an old car hauled off. Paying for someone to remove a car is costly. Instead of paying to have the junk car removed, you can make money with your old car. Here are some tips to help turn a junk car removal project into extra cash for your bank account:

1. Piecing Your Junk Car Out for Spare Parts and Storing Them Safely

Your junk car may be a good resource to save you on repairs if you have a similar model car. Remove parts that you can use and store easily. May sure not to leave raw metal exposed to the elements because they will rust. Coating parts in used motor oil and cloths will help to preserve them and prevent deterioration. Parts can also be rebuilt if they only need things like new seals and gaskets. Save all the parts that you think you may need for auto repairs or restoration projects.

2. Getting Core Charges or Selling Parts That Are in Good Shape on a Junk Car

Core charges are part of doing repairs to cars, which is when you remove and old part and take it back to the store for a small refund. Remove parts that auto parts dealers are willing to give you a refund for, such as alternators, brake cylinders, and carburetors. There are many parts that can be turned in for the core refund to be rebuilt and sold as reconditioned auto parts. If you are planning to sell your junk car for metal, it will only take a little work to remove these parts and get the refunds to get more out of your efforts.

3. Having A Service Pay to Haul Your Junk Car Off for Metal Recycling

The raw metal of your car is also valuable, which after you have removed parts, you will want to have it hauled away. There are services that pay cash for old vehicles and take them in to be recycled. You will get a little more if you haul the car yourself, but this is a lot of work, which is why the easiest thing to do is contact a junk car removal service and have them do this job for you. In addition, with the other parts you have salvaged, you really will not be losing any money, and in the end, your property will be clean.

These are some tips to help turn a junk car removal project into cash for your pockets. Contact a junk car removal service to help you quickly get your property clean and remove any old rusted vehicles. 


14 March 2017

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