What You Need To Know When Buying A Used Engine For Your Car Or Truck


Replacing the engine in your vehicle can be expensive, so finding a way to save some costs can be crucial. Used car engines can be a good alternative if you have access to them, but there are some things you need to consider before you buy the first used engine you see.

Buying Used Engines

Used engines are not difficult to find, and often starting at the local salvage yard can save you time. Most salvage operators will pull good running engines out of scrap cars and sell them for a fraction of what a new engine costs, but used engines can sometimes be challenging to work with because the engine's history is often unknown. 

If you are considering used engines, look for one still in the vehicle that you can start and hear run. The best way to determine the engine's condition without disassembling it is to listen to it and look for leaks, smoke from the tailpipe, or cooling system problems. 

If the salvage operator has already pulled the engine from the vehicle, ask them for a warranty and replacement guarantee in case the engine is not in the condition represented when you get it installed in your vehicle. Most salvage yards are willing to work with you on this because they do not want to sell bad parts, and most of the time, the operator will check the engine before removing it from the donor car. 

Parts Cars And Trucks

Another option to consider involves buying a parts car with the engine you need. If the parts car is in decent shape, you can get the engine and other needed parts from it, then sell the rest of the car for scrap. 

Many times parts cars are available from private sellers trying to get the car out of the yard. While you won't get a warranty on any used engines coming from used vehicles you purchase this way, you can often look the car over and run the engine before agreeing to purchase the vehicle. 

In some cases, the car or truck will not have a lot of other parts on it that you can use, but you can pull the engine, sell the rest of the vehicle, and make some of your money back if it is a car that is sought after in your area. If you already know someone that can use the additional parts, consider going in on the purchase together and splitting the cost. You can often save a substantial amount of money, and everyone gets something out of the deal including the seller and the other buyer.  

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14 July 2022

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