Why You May Want To Convert The Front Drum Brakes On Your Car Or Truck To Disc Brakes


Classic cars and trucks often came from the factory with drum brakes on the front, and while they were fine when manufactured, they may not be sufficient now. For owners of classic cars that have added larger engines for more power and updated the transmission and rear end gears to give the vehicle more acceleration, stopping it also needs to be addressed. A front disc brake conversion kit can be the best way to do that.

Conversion Kits

When you are considering installing a front disc brake conversion kit, you need to find one for your car that is affordable and easy to install. Some of the front disc brake conversion kits on the market come with all the parts you will need to complete the conversion. Others come with all the brackets and adapters you will need but require you to purchase the calipers or rotors from a production car to use with the kit. 

There is often a significant difference in the cost of these kits, and the custom kit may come with higher-end parts that will require you to purchase replacement parts through the dealer that sells the conversion kit. When it comes time to service the brakes on the car, the specialty parts may be harder to find, but they may offer the better performance that you need for your vehicle. 

The decision to go with one kit over another comes down to driving style and performance needs. Take some time to evaluate the kits, check the price of replacement parts, and determine which system will be a better fit for your classic vehicle.

Installing Your Conversion Kit

When shopping for front disc brake conversion kits it is crucial to look closely at the installation requirements. Some conversion kits are engineered to bolt onto your stock front suspension with no modifications to the system. These kits are great for the DIY mechanic doing the work at home and those who don't want to cut and weld on the car. The kit should come with all the brackets to adapt the brake system to disc brakes while maintaining the suspension geometry of the original system.

Once you have the kit and all the parts required for the conversion, you can remove the old brakes, install the new hardware, and then install the new brakes. It is essential to follow the directions that come with the front disc brake conversion kit so that you don't forget anything or install something improperly. 

The kit may also require you to install a proportioning valve in the system to balance the front and rear brakes. It may require a new master cylinder, and in some cases, you may need to install a vacuum booster with the master cylinder to increase the efficiency of the new disc brake conversion on your car or truck.


16 September 2021

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