Protecting The Rubber Hoses In Your Vehicle From Premature Wear


If you own a vehicle, you most likely have a routine in place for the maintenance of the main components that help it run properly. One portion of the vehicle that some people overlook is the maintenance of any rubber hoses used to transfer liquid or air to other parts of the machine. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure hoses used within your vehicle last for as long as possible.

5 January 2017

What To Do With A Failed Classic Car Restoration


Restoring classic cars is a hobby for many people across the country. These cars are throwbacks to bygone eras and many get enjoyment from making them roadworthy again. However, sometimes this is just not feasible. Some classic cars cost too much money to get running again while others are just too damaged. Recouping the investment in these cases can be difficult. When a classic car project becomes a junk car, there are a few ways to get some money back.

29 September 2016

Drive with Your Transmission in Mind


Taking care of your transmission involves far more than maintenance. While maintenance is an important part of the equation, how you drive your vehicle has a lot to do with the condition of your transmission. With routine maintenance and proper driving habits, you can avoid malfunctions and extend the life of your transmission. Failing to Inflate Tires Tires play a very important role, even when it comes to your transmission. When your tires are properly inflated, they take some of the load off of your transmission when it comes to helping your vehicle move.

14 July 2016

How To Check Your Car Before You Go On A Trip


Before you set out to go on a road trip, it is always a good idea for you to look at the systems of your car that tend to have problems and that are the easiest for you to troubleshoot on your own. By taking a few moments to thoroughly go over your car, you can save yourself the trouble of ending up broken down on the side of the road or needing to have repairs taken care of while you are in the middle of a trip.

12 February 2016

3 Tips That Will Help You Save Money On Parts For DIY Car Repairs


If you are a handy person, there may be a lot of repairs that you do yourself. This may include car maintenance, such as changing the oil and doing minor repairs. Knowing how to get the best prices on your parts can help you extend these savings. Here are some tips that will help you save when you are looking for auto parts for your DIY car repairs: 1. Rebuild Your Old Parts By Replacing Worn Pieces

12 February 2016

5 Auto Parts You Should Definitely Recycle After Using


You can make yourself a more environmentally friendly motorist if you put some time and effort into learning which pars of your vehicle can be recycled when they are no longer usable.Eventually, auto parts will become so worn that they will no longer function properly on your vehicle and need to be discarded. However, this doesn't mean that they can't be used for another purpose elsewhere.The following are five important automobile components that you can keep out of landfills by recycling:

27 January 2016

3 Things To Have In Your Scrap Metal Tool Kit


There are a lot of things that get thrown out in the trash, but if they are made of metal, they can be recycled for cash. To be able to collect metals and safely sort them, you will want to have a kit of the right tools. This should include basic safety gear, such as boots, gloves and glasses. You will also want to have basic tools for taking things apart and a couple of items to test metal.

25 January 2016

Hesitatation When Accelerating? Your IAC Valve May Be To Blame


You press down on your gas pedal and expect your car to take off smoothly, but that may not always happen. You might be experiencing hesitation due to a bad IAC valve (or idle air control valve). This guide will help you figure out if your idle air control valve is really your problem and offer steps to fix the problem. Signs To Look Out For The IAC valve is vital for precise combustion within your vehicle's engine; it lets in just the right amount of air so that it mixes with the precise amount of gasoline.

22 January 2016

4 Ways To Increase Your Sales Of Auto Parts Online In 2016


If your business sells auto parts online, but your sales were not where you wanted them to be in 2015, now is the year to make some changes. Here are four ways to increase the sale of auto parts through your business online in 2016.  #1 Send A Monthly Newsletter To Your Clients The first thing you need to do is reach out to your clients on a regular basis. If you are currently not sending a newsletter out to your clients at all, start by sending out at least a monthly newsletter to your client email list.

20 January 2016

Troubleshooting A Stubborn Garage Door


You're sitting in your car in the driveway and the garage door fails to respond to your remote control. The problem could be as simple as changing batteries in the remote or it may be time to replace the garage door opener. Here are a few ways to track down the problem yourself before you call a garage door specialist to investigate. Remote Control Problems Take the remote with you through the house and into the garage.

19 January 2016